Changes in Life

Lately life has been full of big decisions. Decisions made while holding tightly to Gods Word and promises and full of trust and hope. I have full confidence that I have made the best decision for Shaun and I.

I'm leaving my job. After four years it feels a bit like a break up where we leave on good terms and walk away friends, but there are still a lot of weird emotions you don't expect. I'm leaving the best boss I probably could have ever had and some of the closest friends I have made in my life. I can truly say that I will miss most of the people that I spend my days with and the community that we have at my job.

I don't do things halfway, that's not me. I fully commit in all ways. This job has seriously consumed more of my life than it probably ever should have and it will feel so weird once that giant chunk of brain space is freed. There are so many areas of my job where I feel tired and really need a change. That is part of the reason why I'm so excited to start my new job as it included absolutely nothing that I did at my current job. It is a huge change. I'm thrilled to work no evenings and weekends. I know health wise it is one of the best things that I can do, to force my body to wake up at the same time every single day. It will greatly impact my migraines and sleep patterns. It will also include a lot less worry and take home "energy."

God has guided me every step of the way in this decisions and I love how He has come through on every single thing. Big things like working next door to my husband with the same hours (does it get more blessed than that) and small things even as I shopped for new work clothes He opened up some great deals to allow me to get what I need for my new job for very little. I'm so thankful. He is so good and I never would have left my current job without a pretty serious direction from Him and He led me.

What a great God we serve.

So I start after September long. Pray for me if you want!

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